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Canadian University Music Society

Société de musique des universités canadiennes

Newsletter (Spring 2009, 19/2)


President’s Report

  • Deanna Oye (University of Lethbridge)

Standing Committee of Institutional Members, Report from the Chair

  • Edward Jurkowski (University of Lethbridge)

Website Editor’s Report

  • Jean-Benoît Tremblay (Laval University)

News from the Membership

Compiled by Lynn Cavanagh (University of Regina)


President’s Report (Deanna Oye, University of Lethbridge)

As we end this academic season, we can all look forward to the upcoming months of productive research and creative activity.  One of the first events of the summer is Congress 2009, held this year at Ottawa’s Carleton University under the theme of Capital Connections: nation, terroir, territoire.  The Canadian University Music Society, along with our sister organization, the Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres (CAML), will meet May 28 to 31 as part of Congress activities.

This year’s conference promises to be particularly impressive, with a wide range of papers, lecture-recitals and concerts selected from a record number of submissions.  Among such a diverse selection, we are pleased to have writer, photographer and jazz specialist Mark Miller as our keynote speaker.  For many years, Mr. Miller was the jazz critic for the Globe and Mail and also a member of the editorial board of the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada.  He is also the author of many books on jazz, including the Miller Companion to Jazz in Canada (and Canadians in Jazz), published in 2001.

For the first time, CUMS has partnered with the Canadian Society for Aesthetics (CSA) to host a joint session linking our two disciplines.  Likewise, our society will be joined by CAML and guest speakers in a panel discussion on copyright issues as they pertain to music research, performance, and music librarianship.  Taking an excursion off campus, we will be treated to a tour of the cutting-edge piano lab at the University of Ottawa, culminating in a performance by Dr. Elaine Keillor.  Finally, one of the highlights of the conference will be a concert of Canadian music performed by mezzo-soprano Julie Nesrallah and the newly-formed Musica Nova Ensemble of Ottawa, along with special guests, the Gryphon Trio.  Among the many new works on the programme will be Other Half by the 2009 CUMS Composition Prize winner, Farshid Samandari (UBC).

Details of the conference schedule can be found in this newsletter, and also on our website:  www.cums-smuc.ca.  As many of you have noticed, the CUMS website recently has been revitalized thanks to the dedication of our web editor, Jean-Benoît Tremblay.  The site continues to develop, and we hope to have a members’ forum up and running in the near future.  Your comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome at any time.  Finally we are pleased that our journal, Intersections, now has a web presence and broader accessibility.  Many of you will be able to find the online publication through Ebsco, Érudit or Proquest, and we encourage you to read the newest issue about to be released.

See you in Ottawa!

Report from the

Chair of the Standing Committee of Institutional Members (Edward Jurkowski, University of Lethbridge)

There has been little activity within the Standing Committee upon which to report since the last CUMS newsletter.  The most significant item of information is that, unfortunately, the discussion list dedicated to the membership of the Standing Committee was lost—a casualty when the server for the CUMS web site was changed in late 2008.  There were several logistic problems that needed to be overcome, and in the end it was decided to modify communication between members of the Standing Committee from a discussion list to a forum.  One of the major advantages to this change will be the ability to have an archive of postings on a particular theme readily available.  Our secretariat, Becker Associates, has been working hard to removing the kinks and this security protected forum should (finally!) be active in early May.

A couple of associate members in western Canada have been working to change their two-year diploma to degree granting status.  At the time of writing, these institutions remain at the baccalaureate level.  Consequently, any new applications for full membership status in the Standing Committee will now be postponed until 2010.

Finally, I should announce that this year's meeting of the Standing Committee of Institutional Members will take place on Friday, May 29, 2009 during the annual meeting of the Canadian University Music Society.  A call for agenda items was recently sent out, and a complete agenda will be forthcoming to members in a couple of weeks.  A major item of discussion will be to ratify a new version of the institutional guidelines.

I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming CUMS meeting.

Website Editor’s Report (Jean-Benoît Tremblay, Laval University)

Over the last several months, the CUMS web site has undergone major rejuvenation with a new publication platform that promises to be infinitely more flexible and friendly than the former. Among the numerous advantages, we note that it is now possible to join the society and renew one’s membership online, something several members have already done. The transition has not been without difficulties, and I must emphasize the considerable assistance of Adam Becker on this project; many obstacles were surmounted thanks to his help and his efforts.

Improvement of the site is by no means complete: many texts need to be updated and a significant portion of the site is not yet always available in both languages. Moreover, we will soon add a discussion forum that will enable quick and efficient announcements, invitations and employment opportunities.  It is to be hoped that the CUMS site will become a source of information as well as a place to meet and share with members.



Achievements:  Members are asked to send short synopses of their own and fellow members’ recent achievements. Submissions should adhere to the style of this section of this Newsletter.

Conferences and events: Institutional and individual members are asked to submit announcements and reviews of events of concern to our members, in abbreviated form and adhering to the style of this section.

The next deadline for submissions: October 15, 2009 to <Lynn.Cavanagh@uregina>


September 24th, 2009, The Observatoire international de la création et des cultures musicales (OICCM), from Montreal University, will host a study day,
«Réflexions sur la monumentalité musicale en Europe (1850-1920)», linked to the forthcoming book of Alexander Rehding (Harvard) on musical monumentality. The lecturers are Marie-Hélène Benoit-Otis (Montréal/Freie Universität Berlin), Rene R. Daley (McGill), François de Médicis (Montréal), and Danick Trottier (Harvard), as well as Alexander Rehding. For more information, go to www.oiccm.umontreal.ca



John Beckwith. Beckett Songs for baritone and guitar, December 2008 in Sackville, New Brunswick, by Peter Groom and Peter Higham.

_______ . Three Brass Rings, a spatial work for eleven brass instruments, January 2009 in Toronto, by members of the University of Toronto Wind Ensemble, Gillian MacKay, conductor.

_______ . Light Work, for microtonal piano four hands, February, 2009 in Montreal, by Bruce Mather and Paul Helmer.


William Caplin, James Hepokoski and James Webster, Musical Form, Forms & Formenlehre: Three Methodological Reflections, ed.Pieter Bergé. University of Leuven Press, 2009.

Marketed in North America by Cornell University Press.
ISBN 978 90 5867 715 0


John Beckwith and Brian Cherney, eds. A Weinzweig Collection. Forthcoming from Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2010.

Essays by a dozen Canadian writers on the life and music of the late John Weinzweig.

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