Thursday|jeudi 24 May|mai 2018

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Day Two: Thursday, 24 May

Breakfast and Registration: 8:00 – 9:00 am
Allard Hall (building 11), Main Atrium

Keynote 9:00-10:00am, Betty Andrews Recital Hall. 

Serge Lacasse, Music(Ec)ology: The Ecology of Music-Related Disciplines

Is musicology a discipline? How can we make sense of the multiple approaches and methods used in musicology, music theory or other fields of research in music? In his keynote, Serge Lacasse will propose a glimpse at his own academic path approached as a disciplinary journey within a music(ec)ological system. He will propose post-humanism as a possible theoretical thread in order to give some cohesion to such an apparent disciplinary chaos, reflecting, perhaps, the many (often contradictory) orientations taken by musicology in general. In the end, Lacasse will offer an optimistic vision of a future musicology that would encompass and integrate the various trends found in the field today, notably through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Break: 10:00 – 10:30am, 4th Floor Nest

Session 4: 10:30 – 12:30am


150 + 1. Room 11-452, Chair: Allan Gilliland




Reconciling Nations: The Polaris Music Prize in an Era of the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Michael Evans Kinney

Stanford University


Trumpets on the Roof: Inuit Brass Bands in Labrador

Tom Gordon

Memorial University


Finding Morley Calvert: Canadianist Research with Few Sources

Keith Kinder and Matthew Timmermans

McMaster University and McGill University


“Canada has Soul”: André Mathieu and the Integrated Musical Concept of the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games

Kiersten van Vliet

McGill University


All about the Voice. Room 11-463, Chair: Harald Krebs    




Billie Holiday, Vocal Style and Musical Meaning

Christina Gier

University of Alberta


Before Adele, Beyoncé, Katy, Nicki and Taylor: Handel’s Duelling Divas Cuzzoni and Faustina

Richard King

University of Maryland


“My Life Has Always Been an Opera”: Homelessness and Opera as Therapy

Colleen Renihan

Queen's University


Voicing Remembrance: Canadian Choral Settings of "In Flanders Fields"

Michelle Boyd

Acadia University


Betty Andrews Recital Hall. Chair: Michael MacDonald




 (Mini-Concert, 30m)

Kiu Tung Poon

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Gypsy (Film, 6m, Romania)

Tudor George Titoiu (Dir.)



The Sound of Selflessness (Film, 5m, USA)

Nelson Sallis (Dir)

Bishop’s University


24/04 World Orchestra (Film, 18m, Armenia)   

Seg Kirakossian (Dir)


Lunch 12:30-2:00pm (on your own)

Session 5: 2:00 – 4:00pm


Sound, Identity, Collectivity. Room 11-452, Chair: Raymond Baril




Aesthetics of Social Ordering: Exploring Concert Programs of the Women’s Musical Club of Edmonton

Jennifer Messelink

McGill University


Refiguring the Romantic Body: Chinese Women Pianists in the American Conservatory

Audrey Vardanega

The New School


An Exploration of the Similarities Between Japanese Language and Japanese Instrumental Folk Music

Kaitlin Sly


University of Victoria



Voices Together. Room 11-463. Chair: Jim Head




Praying with Alfred Schnittke and Grigor Narekatsi: Exploring the Second Movement of the Concerto for Choir

Aleksandra Drozzina


School of Music Louisiana University



The Obligatory Tutti:  Orchestrational Closure in the Classical Symphonic Sonata Adrian Ling

University of Toronto


Tristan, Liszt, Till Eulenspiegel, and Chromatically-Altered Diminished-Seventh Chords in Late Nineteenth-Century Tonality

Kyle Hutchinson

University of Toronto


Harmony in the Calendario do Som

Adam Rosado

Louisiana State University


Betty Andrews Recital Hall. Chair: Allan Gilliland.




Approachable Contemporary Piano Repertoire!  A Study of Selected Piano Pieces by Two Living Composers: David Gordon Duke and Stefan Young. (Lecture-Recital, 45m)

Wei Chen (Bruce) Lin

Texas Lutheran University


Sitar and Ganges River (Film, 36m, India, China)

Zhu Xu (Dir.)



Dangdut is My Music (Film, 11m, Indonesia)

Adinda Assyfa Kamalia (Dir.)



Sounds from the Backyards (Film, 20m, USA)

Jeremy Mowery (Dir.)


Break 4:00 – 4: 30pm. 4th Floor Nest.

Round Table 4:30-5:30pm

Music Studies and Music Education in the city:
A roundtable discussion on music studies and community engagement

Betty Andrews Recital Hall

Invited Panel:
David Shepherd, MLA Edmonton-Centre, Government of Alberta
Dr. Mary Ingraham, University of Alberta Sound Studies Initiative
Dr. Allan Gilliland, Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications, MacEwan University
Paul Johnston, Assistant Professor and Head of Recording, MacEwan University


Contemporary Music Concert: 7:30 – 10pm
Betty Andrews Recital Hall

Reception to Follow (Cash Bar)


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