Session|séance 9.3. Betty Andrews Hall.

Session|séance 9.3. Betty Andrews Hall.
Chair: Raymond Baril

Friday|vendredi 25 May|mai 2018. 2:00 - 3:00PM


9.3.1. (Lecture-Recital, 45m)

Heather McGuire, Lakehead University 

This lecture-recital provides an opportunity to listen to Six Pictures (1965) by Arno Babajanian for solo piano and to analyze the form of the final movement, Sassoun Dance. Arno Babajanian was an Armenian composer who was known for incorporating folk music styles into his compositions. Babajanian’s piano work Six Pictures contains six unique movements, Improvisation, Folk Song, Toccatina, Intermezzo, Chorale, and Sassoun Dance.

The Sassoun Dance utilizes the traditional formal structure of a five-part rondo, by studying the phrase structures, rhythmic motives, and the notation system. Babajanian composes an introduction before the refrain that provides the basis for the rhythmic motives and dodecaphonic notation system that are employed throughout the movement. The refrain appears after the introduction using a new row, which is the row that will be used each time the refrain occurs. The first episode uses a slurred melodic line in its phrasing and, as the episode continues, the phrases become increasingly fragmented. After a return to the refrain, the second episode is introduced as a densely textured section with high intensity. The refrain occurs one final time but leads into a dramatic coda exploiting the extreme ends of the piano, which is an appropriate ending for such a dynamic work. 

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