Session|séance 8.3.

Session|séance 8.3. Betty Andrews Hall
Chair: Chandelle Rimmer.

Friday|vendredi 25 May|mai 2018. 11:30AM - 12:30PM


8.3.1. The Sound of Selflessness (Film, 5m)

Nelson Salis (Dir.), USA 

An introspective look into the unique approach and insights of avant-garde jazz saxophonist and composer John O'Gallagher.


8.3.2 Artistic Spaces: Literature and Painting in Tale à la Hoffmann: The Ringing Glass, by Luis Mucillo (Argentina, 1956) (Lecture-Recital, 45m)

Cintia Cristia and Alexander Panizza, Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Composer Luis Mucillo (1956) spent long periods in Germany, France and Brasil before settling back in Argentina, where he is today an important figure on the musical scene. Possessing a vast erudition and a refined sensitivity, many of his compositions bear references to European literature and art. Tale à la Hoffmann: The Ringing Glass, a piano piece that would become later his Piano Concerto, was inspired by a painting by Paul Klee, as well as by writings by Klee, E. T. A. Hoffmann and Rainer Maria Rilke, among other extra-musical references. This raises interesting questions, relevant to this MusCan conference: how does narrative space and pictorial space become represented by musical materials? Is there an ecology of artistic fields?

Combining analytical tools and observing the composer’s testimony within a theoretical framework, this lecture will show how literature and painting can affect musical poetics, inferring the methodology by which visual and literary elements, become musical materials. Theodor W. Adorno used the concept of “pictorial manner” when describing certain works by Morton Feldman, in which music is manifested in a large scale, spatializing time as if it were a visual surface. There may be some of this pictorial manner in Mucillo's composition. This lecture will also include a broader reflection on the limits and possibilities of migration among the arts. 

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