Session 7.3

Session|séance 7.3. Betty Andrews Hall
Chair: Allan Gilliland.

Friday|vendredi 25 May|mai 2018. 9:00 - 11:00AM


7.3.1. Viðarneisti: New Music From New Iceland (Mini-Concert, 30m)

Catherine Wood and Victoria Sparks; Brandon University, University of Manitoba 


The Icelandic-Canadian duo, Viðarneisti, is the collaboration between percussionist Victoria Sparks and clarinetist Catherine Wood. The unique combination of clarinet and marimba/percussion and the limited repertoire for this instrumentation sparked a series of commissions for duo Viðarneisti (Icelandic for “wood spark”). The inaugural project and resulting piece by Fjóla Evans is central to our proposed program for the 2018 MusCan Conference focus on MusEcologies.

Viðarneisti (2016) by Fjóla Evans (b.1985) --7 minutes
World-Premiere of Miniatures (2018) by Kenley Kristofferson (b.1983)--10 minutes
Winter Songs (1981) by Sid Robinovitch (b. 1942) –7 minutes

Evans’ piece focuses on the history and ties between Canada and Iceland. Fjóla, Victoria Sparks, and Catherine Wood are all women of Icelandic-Canadian descent and this project provides them with an opportunity to use their art form to examine their personal histories.
The piece explores the transformational journey undertaken by the early Icelandic settlers of Manitoba. The Icelandic settlement in Manitoba is known locally as “New Iceland”. Drawing on a history of music inspired by landscape, it juxtaposes the desolate lava fields with the prairies, environments hostile to people in very different ways. This work was commissioned through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. 

Viðarneisti will also give the world-premiere of a set of miniatures created by Manitoban composer Kenley Kristofferson (also of Icelandic descent). The program will close with music by one of Manitoba’s most well-known composers, Sid Robinovitch. The work, Winter Songs, while not directly related to Iceland, depicts a series of winter images that any immigrant to Manitoba, Canada could relate to. The chilling winds in the second movement could be felt in Rekjavik as easily as they could be felt coming off of Lake Winnipeg. Icelanders often comment that when visiting “Nyja Island” or New Iceland, in Manitoba, they feel strangely at home in a place they have never seen. We hope our programming reflects the strong ties between these two communities. 


Let it Burn, World Bang (Film, 38min)

Jackie Chen, China

A world bboying documentary. How did common people finally became world champion, Let's find out in this film.



Joel Foulet, France 

'Wara, road to the stars' takes us on board to the 'Wara Wara Del Sur', a Bolivian train that goes from the Argentinian border to La Paz. The director meets local musicians on the road with the hope of meeting the 'Wara', the Bolivian Pink Floyd.




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