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DAY 3 / JOUR 3

7:45 am – 1:30 pm Registration / Inscription [Main Lobby, EJB] 

9:00 am – 10:30 am    SESSION 7 / SÉANCE 7

Session/Séance 7a: CAML [EJB 130]
    Chair: JAMES MASON (University of Toronto)

  1. Toronto Public Library’s Local Music Collection and Make Some Noise Event Series as Community Builder in Toronto’s Independent Music Scene
        HELENA DONG / MICHAEL WARNER (Toronto Public Library)
  2. Music Lives Here
        LAURA LUKASIK / MELANIE SOUTHERN (Hamilton Public Library)
  3. Local Music Collecting in Memory Institutions: A Qualitative Systematic Review and Thematic Analysis of the Literature
        CAROLYN DOI (University of Saskatchewan)

Session/Séance 7b: CSTM Panel 1 [EJB 120]
Pathways and Places, Borders and Bridges: Musical Communities in a Small Canadian City
    Chair: GORDON SMITH (Queen’s University)

  1. “An Incredibly Rich Town?” Barriers and Bridges in Kingston’s Choral Community
        MARGARET WALKER (Queen’s University)
  2. On the Fringe: Punk, Place and Social Media in Kingston, Ontario
        MARLIE CENTAWER (Queen’s University)
  3. “Leaving our Hearts in Skeleton Park”: Music, Place and Belonging in Kingston, Ontario
        JAMIE MCKENZIE-NAISH (Queen’s University)

Session/Séance 7c: CSTM Panel 2 [EJB 215]
Sonic Place-Making at Festivals and Sporting Spectacles
    Chair: ERIC HUNG (Rider University)

  1. “Such a Canadian Thing To Do”: Haitian Music Festivals and the Dynamics of Venue Selection in Eastern Canada
        SARAH MESSBAUER (University of California, Davis)
  2. Of Hockey Sticks and the Funny Farm: The Ecology of rural Experimental Music Festivals in Canada
        ELLEN WATERMAN (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
  3. “Fury, We’re Always With You”: The Sounds of Support in Ottawa’s Professional Soccer Scene
        JORDAN ZALIS (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Session/Séance 7d: IASPM Panel 1 [EJB 217]
Embodying Identity: Transnational Perspectives on the “Popular” in Music and Dance
    Moderator: KELLI FORMAN (UC Santa Barbara; National Program Director, Everybody Dance Now!)

  1. Crafting Embodied Identity: Europe, Russian, and Africa, Plus American and Canadian Citizenship, Equals Ballet-and-Social Dance DNA
        JENNIFER FISHER (University of California, Irvine)
  2. “I’m a Pure ‘Popular’ Kid Who Listens to ‘Popular’ Music”: Embodiments of the “Popular” and Popular Music in Greek Night Clubbing
        NATALIA KOUTSOUGERA (Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences)

    Discussant: DANIELLE ROBINSON (York University)

Session/Séance 7e: IASPM Panel 2 [EJB 216]
Queer Activism, Alternatives, and Romance
    Moderator: CRAIG JENNEX (McMaster University)

  1. “I Am Made of Love”: Representations and Celebrations of Queer Romance in the Music of Steven Universe
        ALYSSA TREMBLAY (Carleton University)
  2. “Queercore”: PWR BTTM and Sounding a Queer Alternative
        JOSH HOCHMAN (University of California, San Diego)
  3. In Defense of Teenage Dreams: Katy Perry, Gay-Rights Activism, and Accusations of Emptiness
        ERIC SMIALEK (McGill University)

Session/Séance 7f: IASPM Panel 3 [EJB 330]
Cultural Memory, Musical Nostalgia and Belonging in Popular Music
    Moderator: NORMA COATES (Western University)

  1. “New York Belongs to Us All”: Musical Nostalgia and Hegemonic Power after 9/11
        KIP PEGLEY (Queen’s University)
  2. “I Don’t Belong to You”: Public and Private Identity in George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1
        KAREN COOK (University of Hartford)
  3. Beyoncé’s Lemonade as a Site of Cultural Memory
        MELISSA AVDEEFF (University of Victoria)

Session/Séance 7g: MusCan Panel 1 [EJB224]
Canadian Modern
    Chair: JEREMY STRACHAN (Cornell University)

  1. Marshall McLuhan and Higher Music Education
        GLEN CARRUTHERS (Wilfrid Laurier University)
  2. Radical Socialism and Accessible Serialism in John Weinzweig’s Work for CBC Wartime Radio Drama
        CAROLYNE SUMNER (University of Toronto)
  3. Canadian Cultural Policy in the 1970s: Beyond the Cold War Paradigm
        VALENTINA BERTOLANI (University of Calgary)

Session/Séance 7h: MusCan Panel 2 [EJB 225]
Politicized Music: Resistance, Patriotism, Propaganda
    Chair: SARAH GUTSCHE-MILLER (University of Toronto)

  1. Integration and Resistance in Nicola Porpora’s Early drammi per musica
        ZOEY M. COCHRAN (McGill University)
  2. “Les muses du people”: Amiati, Bordas, and the chanson patriotique after the Franco-Prussian War
        KATHLEEN HULLEY (McGill University) and KIMBERLY WHITE (Université de Montréal)
  3. Politicizing Mozart in Austria from the First Republic to the Third Reich, or How the Nazis Stole an Anniversary
        MARIE-HÉLÈNE BENOIT-OTIS (Université de Montréal)

10:30 am – 11:00 am    Break / Pause [Main Lobby, EJB]

11:00 am – 12:30 pm    CAML AGM [EJB 130]

11:00 am – 12:30 pm    SESSION 8 / SÉANCE 8

Session/Séance 8a: IASPM Panel 1 [EJB 216]
Rethinking Origin Tales in Glam, Folk and Punk Rock
    Moderator: SEROUJ APRAHAMIAN (York University)

  1. “Hey Babe, Take a Walk on the Wild Side”: A History of Glam Rock’s Origin (But with a Little More Glitter)
        RYAN MACK (Western University)
  2. Fire of Unknown Origin: Patti Smith, Androgyny, and Punk Rock
        BRITTANY GREENING (Dalhousie University)
  3. Corvus Corax: Revising German Folk Rock as “Medieval Rock”
        KIRSTEN YRI (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Session/Séance 8b: IASPM Panel 2 [EJB 330]
Rethinking Popular Music Pedagogy: From the Classroom to the Orphanage
    Moderator: BRIAN JUDE DE LIMA (Centennial College)

  1. “Poor Little Orphan Boy”: Unwanted Children, Musical Education, and Sentimentality
        JACQUELINE WARWICK (Dalhousie University)
  2. Whose Musical Identity Belongs in the Music Classroom?
        TERRY SEFTON / DANIELLE SIREK (University of Windsor)
        Discussant: MATT BRENNAN (University of Edinburgh)

Session/Séance 8c: IASPM Panel 3 (11:00 am – 12:00 pm) [EJB 217]
Transnational and Translocal Identities
    Moderator: ERIC SMIALEK (McGill University)

  1. Le cross-over en musique classique au Québec: stratégie marketing ou démocratisation culturelle
        LAURA TROTTIER (Université Laval)
  2. Du studio d’enregistrement comme laboratoire expérimental  à la réalité virtuelle et l’ethnographie « immersive »
        ONS BARNAT (University of Ottawa)

Session/Séance 8d: MusCan Roundtable [EJB 225]
Diversity in Canadian Post-Secondary Music Faculties: Voices from the Field
    MARY INGRAHAM (moderator)

    KAREN BURKE (York University)
    STEFAN SUNANDAN HONISCH (Independent Scholar)
    NASIM NIKNAFS (University of Toronto)
    DYLAN ROBINSON (Queens University)
    YUN EMILY WANG (University of Toronto)

Session/Séance 8e: MusCan Panel 1 [EJB 224]
Dramatic Voices
    Chair: CHRISTINA GIER (University of Alberta)

  1. Constructing the Heroic Feminine in Beethoven’s 1814 Fidelio
        RENA ROUSSIN (University of Victoria)
  2. Casting the Apocalypse in Vaughan Williams’ Oratorio Sancta Civitas
        MELISSA PETTAU (University of Toronto)
  3. YouTube Prodigies and the Modern Uncanny
        ANNALISE SMITH (Cornell University)

Session/Séance 8f: MusCan Panel 2 (11:00 am – 12:00 pm) [EJB 215]
Versions of Orients
    Chair: FRIEDEMANN SALLIS (University of Calgary)

  1. “Somewhat Far-Fetched and Speculative”: Rimsky-Korsakov and His Orient
        ADALYAT ISSIYEVA (McGill University)
  2. Ethnographie, texte littéraire, declaration esthétique. Fonction et fortune de “Musique et danses cambodgiennes” de Louis Laloy
        MARIE-PIER LEDUC (Université de Montréal) Finaliste du Prix George-Proctor

Session/Séance 8g: IASPM Workshop (11:00 am – 12:00 pm) [EJB Geiger-Torel Room]
Chair: MARY FOGARTY (York University)
    Belonging Through Drumming in South Sudan
    BEAU STOCKER (University of York, UK)

Session/Séance 8h: CSTM Film Series 3 (11:00 am – 12:00 pm) [EJB 217]
Chair: Meghan Forsyth (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
    The Sunjata Story: Glimpse of a Mande Epic (2016)
    MARCIA OSTASHEWSKI (Cape Breton University)

12:30 pm –   1:00 pm    Session/Séance 8i: MusCan Mini-Concert 3 [Walter Hall, EJB]
Boundaries and Borders: The Search for Identity
        DEANNA OYE, piano (University of Lethbridge)
        ELIZABETH MCDONALD, soprano (University of Toronto)
        CORY J. RENBARGER, baritone (Bemidji State University)

12:30 pm –   1:30 pm    Lunch / Déjeuner


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