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Thursday Schedule | Programme - jeudi
(Sessions 2 & 3 | Séances 2 & 3)

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DAY 2 / JOUR 2 (Morning)

  7:45 am –   4:45 pm    Registration / Inscription [Main Lobby, EJB]

  9:00 am – 10:30 am    SESSION 4 / SÉANCE 4

Session/Séance 4a: CAML [EJB 130]
    Chair : LUCINDA WALLS (Queen’s University)

  1. Archival Dance Collections
        KYLA JEMISON (University of Toronto)
  2. Preserving the Music O' Canada: Acquisition and Digital Preservation of Our Recorded Heritage
        HOUMAN BEHZADI / STEVE MARKS (University of Toronto)
  3. In Other News: The Significance of Canadian Media Sources in an Analysis of Local Music Collection Literature
        VERONICA KMIECH (University of Saskatchewan)

Session/Séance 4b: CSTM Panel 1 (9:00 – 10:00 am) [EJB 120]
Instruments as Innovators
    Chair: LAURA RISK (McGill University)

  1. Andrew Tracey’s Steelband and the New South Africa
        HALLIE BLEJEWSKI (Wesleyan University)
  2. The Contemporary Santur Playing of Iranian Musician Ardavan Kamkar
    MEHDI REZANIA (University of Alberta)

Session/Séance 4c: CSTM Panel 2 (9:00 – 10:00 am) [EJB 215]
Unruly Voices from the Performance Archives
    Chair: RAJ SINGH (York University)

  1. The Fassi Connection: Enduring Echoes of al-Andalus in Post-Independence Moroccan Cultural Policy
        HICHAM CHAMI (Columbia University)
  2. The Contemporary Historical: Reading UN Archives for Performance in Annexed East Timor
        JULIA BYL (University of Alberta)

Session/Séance 4d: IASPM Panel 1 [EJB 330]
Belonging in Music Videos and Movie Soundtracks
    Moderator: SUSAN FAST (McMaster University)

  1. Elmer Bernstein, Norman Gimbel, Meet Disco Duck
        PETER URQUHART (Wilfrid Laurier University)
  2. Warp’s Music Videos: Affective Communities, Genre, and Gender in Electronic/Dance Music’s Visual Aesthetic
        MIMI HADDON (University of Portsmouth / University of London)
  3. Sailing Through the Internet with Lil Yachty
        KRISTOPHER R.K. OHLENDORF (Western University)

Session/Séance 4e: IASPM Panel 2 [EJB 216]
Genre, Belonging and Sociality
    Moderator: JEFF PACKMAN (University of Toronto)

  1. “Now You Cyah Have Cahnaaval Wit' Out Chutney Bacchanal”: Chutney Soca and the Politics of Un/Belonging
        DARRELL BAKSH (The University of the West Indies)
  2. “The Music Played the Band”: The Jamband Genre and Musical Sociality
        MELVIN BACKSTROM (McGill University)
  3. Relating to Surf Music: Foridian Surfers as Esthetic Communnities
        ANNE SMITH (Florida Institute of Technology)

Session/Séance 4f: IASPM Panel 3 [EJB Geiger-Torel Room]
Reimagining Musical Belonging
    Moderator: KYLE DEVINE (University of Oslo)

  1. Exclusive Access for the Excluded: Integrated Social Dancing and Popular Music within Toronto’s Black Population at Mid-Century
        SEIKA BOYE (University of Toronto)
  2. Situated Composition and Topologies of Audio Production
        SAMUEL THULIN (Lancaster University)
  3. Fire Dance and Fire World in Southern Thailand
        TIFFANY POLLOCK (York University)

Session/Séance 4g: MusCan Panel 1 [EJB 217]
Harmonic Function
    Chair: ROBERT A. BAKER (Catholic University of America)

  1. Harmonic Function in Rock: A Scale-Degree Approach
        MARK RICHARDS (Florida State University)
  2. Harmonic Polysemy Through Linear Displacement in Late 19th-Century Chromatic Tonality
        KYLE HUTCHINSON (University of Toronto)
  3. L’Autre dominante: La Sous-dominante comme fiction scientifique dans la théorie musical avant et après Riemann
        MARY BLAKE BONN (Western University)

Session/Séance 4h: MusCan Panel 2 [EJB 224]
Hammered (II): Piano, Modernist, Canadian
    Chair: GLEN CARRUTHERS (Wilfrid Laurier University)

  1. Mini-Concert: Selections from 15 for Piano (2012) by Howard Bashaw
    ROGER ADMIRAL (University of Alberta)
  2. Electronic Technologies and Glenn Gould’s Virtuosity
    PAUL SANDEN (University of Lethbridge)
  3. Examining Keith Hamel’s Touch for Piano & Interactive Electronics (2012) as a Performance by Megumi Masaki

Session/Séance 4i: MusCan Panel 3 [EJB 225]
    Chair: FRANÇOIS DE MÉDICIS (Université de Montréal)

  1. Quand la voix n’a plus besoin de mots: Dépasser la texte par la dramaturgie vocale
        KATIA LE ROLLE (Université de Montréal)
  2. La signification expressive du corps de Tanya Tagaq dans ses improvisations musicales scéniques
        SOPHIE STÉVANCE (Université Laval)
  3. Comprendre la cohésion entre le genre punk hardcore et la sous-culture straight edge par l’étude des usages de la voix dans la musique: l’exemple de la scène musicale punk hardcore montréalaise
        STÉPHANIE DE ROME (Université de Montréal)

10:00 am – 10:45 am    Session/Séance 4j: CSTM Workshop 1 [EJB 120]
    Chair: HEATHER SPARLING (Cape Breton University)
Hold the Fort: The Importance of Song in the Labour Movement of 1900-1950
     LEO FEINSTEIN (Independent Scholar)

10:30 am – 11:00 am    Break / Pause [Main Lobby, EJB]


11:00 am –   1:00 pm    SESSION 5 / SÉANCE 5

Session/Séance 5a: CAML (11:00 am – 12 :30 pm) [EJB 130]
    Chair: BRIAN MCMILLAN (Western University)

  1. Helmut Kallmann’s Calling: A Renewed Vision for 21st-Century Musicology and Librarianship
    MARIA CALDERISI (Library and Archives Canada, retired) and JAMES K. WRIGHT (Carleton University)
  2. A Place in this Faculty: Building Community Through Teaching and Mentorship
    JAN GUISE / KATHERINE PENNER (University of Manitoba)
  3. Hot Topic Discussion: The Future of Music Librarianship in Canada [CAML BOARD]

Session/Séance 5b: CSTM Panel 1 [EJB 120]
Agential Performance and Contentious Belonging in First Nations Activism
    Chair: MARCIA OSTASHEWSKI (Cape Breton University)

  1. To Know and To Be Known: Questioning the Musical Relationship between Inuit and their Canada
        JEFFREY VAN DEN SCOTT (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
  2. “Strong Women,” Feminisms and First Nations Women
        ANNA HOEFNAGELS (Carleton University)
  3. Resonances within the Aboriginal Popular Music Scene in Quebec: Identity and Belonging, Relationships, Indigenization and Dwelling
        VÉRONIQUE AUDET (Memorial University of Newfoundland / Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
  4. Singing on a National Scale: Hearing Indigenous Women’s Voices Through Contemporary Throat Singing
        LIZ PRZYBYLSKI (University of California, Riverside)

Session/Séance 5c: CSTM Panel 2 [EJB 215]
Roundtable: Alliance Studies – Practical Applications in Musicologies
    Chair: SOPHIE BISSON (York University)

  1. Creating Community Alliances – The Suzuki Method
        SOPHIE BISSON (York University)
  2. Citation and Collaboration: Alliance and Technology
        DOUG WILDE (York University)
  3. Language and Dialect – Canadian Choirs and Contemporary Compositions
        NATASHA WALSH (York University)
  4. Access and Ownership: From Distinctiveness to Mainstreamness
        LEVON ICHKHANIAN (York University)

Session/Séance 5d: IASPM Panel 1 (11:00 am – 12:00 pm) [EJB 330]
Diasporic Identities and Belonging in Canada
    Moderator: WILL STRAW (McGill University)

  1. “A Fag Like Me”: Sounding Audiotopia in the Face of Xenophobia
        CRAIG JENNEX (McMaster University)
  2. The Nu-Tarab Soundscape: Diasporic Arab Identities and Performative Spaces in Canada
        JILLIAN FULTON (York University)
  3. The World Has Gong Crazy! Filipino-Canadian Gong Fusion and Identity-Building
        JURO KIM FELIZ (McGill University) 

Session/Séance 5e: IASPM Panel 2 [EJB 216]
Ethnographies of Exceptional Dancers and Musicians
    Moderator: KRISTA BANASIAK (York University)

  1. Tahtil Shibbek: Shooting from the Hip. Reconfiguring the Musical Situatedness of Belly Dance Outside Egypt
        SIOUXSIE COOPER (Independent Scholar)
  2. Bodies in Competitive Dance: A Site for Social, Economic, and Cultural Consumption
        NICOLE MARRELLO (York University)
  3. Negotiating the First Dance Ritual at American Weddings: How do Non-Traditional Dancers Interact with a “Traditional” Dancer?
        KATHRYN ROCHELLE (Independent Scholar)
  4. ¡Toronto tiene su cosa!: Salsa Musicians in Toronto
        SEAN BELLAVITI (Ryerson University)

Session/Séance 5f: IASPM Panel 3 [EJB Geiger-Torel Room]
Hip Hop Infrastructures, Identity and Social Change
    Moderator: RON NELSON (Canadian Hip-Hop Radio Pioneer)

  1. Hip Hop Infrastructures
        ALEXANDRA BOUTROS (McGill University)
  2. #blacklivesmatter: Social Change Through Krump
        DEANNE KEARNEY (York University)
  3. “She a Yardie”: Translocalism and Jamaican/Canadian Identity in the Music of Michie Mee
        NIEL SCOBIE (Western University)
  4. Picturing Wild Style: Photography from the Bronx Block to the Gallery Wall
        VANESSA FLEET (York University)

Session/Séance 5g: MusCan Panel 1 [EJB 217]
Getting Theatrical
    Chair: MARIE-HÉLÈNE BENOIT-OTIS (Université de Montréal)

  1. Love’s New Weapons: Intersections of Culture, War, and Music Theatre in Early Eighteenth-Century Spain
        VIRGINIA ACUÑA (University of Victoria)
  2. Idéalisme et réalisme dans Don Quixote de Roberto Gerhard
        JUDY-ANN DESROSIERS (Université de Montréal)
  3. Intelligent, Mystical and French: Maurice Bouchor’s Little Wooden Actors at the Petit-Théâtre de la Marionette
        CATRINA FLINT (Vanier College)
  4. The Press Reception of Pelléas et Mélisande and Competing Aesthetic Trends in French Avant-Garde Opera Aesthetics
        FRANÇOIS DE MÉDICIS (Université de Montréal)

Session/Séance 5h: MusCan Panel 2 [EJB 225]
Chinese-Canadian Musical Belonging
    Chair: MARY INGRAHAM (University of Alberta)

  1. How Harmonious is Chan Ka-Nin’s Harmonious Interest?
        ERIC HUNG (Rider University)
  2. “Make It More Chinese”: Reconstructing Cultural Identity in Diaspora Through Music and Martial Arts
        COLIN PATRICK MCGUIRE (University College Cork)
  3. Singing the Quotidian Chineseness: Songs in a Chinese Geriatric Centre in Multicultural Toronto
        YUN EMILY WANG (University of Toronto)
  4. The Millennium Chinese Orchestra: Playing Tensions of the Old and New
        HEIDI CHAN (York University)

Session/Séance 5i: MusCan Panel 3 (11:00 am – 12:00 pm) [EJB 224]
    Chair: PATRICK NICKLESON (University of Toronto)

  1. Sharing with the World: Clarifying the Connections Between Betty Freeman and Steve Reich
       TWILA BAKKER (Independent Scholar)
  2. Minimalism in the “Wild Zone”? Compromise and Counter-Hegemony in Ann Southam’s Rivers
       SARAH FELTHAM (Independent Scholar)

12:30 pm –   1:15 pm    Session/Séance 5j: MusCan Lecture-Recital [EJB 130]
Modes of Spontaneity in Non-Idiomatic Improvised Music
    JAMES MCGOWAN (Carleton University) and
    WILLIAM RICHARDS (Grant MacEwan University)

12:15 pm –   1:15 pm    Session/Séance 5k: CSTM Film Series 2 [EJB 224]
    Chair: MEGHAN FORSYTH (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Doug MacPhee and Cape Breton’s Celtic Piano Style (2016)
    CHRIS MCDONALD / RICHARD MCKINNON (Cape Breton University)

  1:00 pm –   1:30 pm    Session/Séance 5l : MusCan Mini-Concert 2 [Walter Hall, EJB]
Vocal Works by Oskar Morawetz and John Beckwith
    JANE LEIBEL, soprano (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
    MAUREEN VOLK, piano (Memorial University of Newfoundland)    

  1:00 pm –   2:00 pm    Lunch / Déjeuner



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