Friday June 3 / Vendredi le 3 juin



Room: F202, breakfast provided

Éléments pour une conduit responsable en recherché

Ariane Couture, moderator; Mary Ingraham (University of Alberta) & Janaki Jayanthan (University of Calgary), panellists



SESSION 8: 9–11 am

8a: French Opera

Chair, Greg Marion

Room: F202

8b: Music and Sociology

Chair, Deanna Yerichuk

Room: F214

8c: Theory and the Contemporary

Chair: William Richards, MacEwan University

Room: F210

8d: Archives in Action: Case Studies from Across Canada

Chair, Jan Guise

Room: Scotia Bank Milling Area, Rozsa Centre

A cosmopolitan congé? Singers’ travels from Paris abroad, Kimberly White (Université de Montréal–OICRM)

Medievalisms in Fantasy-Genre Video Gaming, Stephanie Lind (Queen's University)

Liminality as a Vantage for Analysis: The Play of Spectral Techniques and Afrological Improvisation in the Music of Steve Lehman, Jacob Wiens (McGill University, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology CIRMMT)

*SOCAN Foundation/George Proctor Prize Finalist

The Alexander Brott Fonds at Library and Archives Canada: A Window into Musical Life in Montreal, Maureen Nevins (Library and Archives Canada)

Music for the Parisian popular stage: the case of (and the case for) late nineteenth-century féerie, Tommaso Sabbatini (University of Chicago)

“Vote That F-cker Out”: Canadian Musical Communities Contra Stephen Harper, 2011-2015, John Higney (Carleton University)

The Fugal Style of Astor Piazzolla, Reiner Krämer (McGill University)

Staging an International Rock Festival in Alberta: A Documentary Reconstruction of Edmonton's Rock Cirkus, Brock Silversides (University of Toronto)

From the Comédie-Française to the Opéra Comique: Grisélidis, Catrina Flint (Vanier College and O.I.C.R.M, Université de Montréal)


Toward a sound-based definition of the Golden Age hip-hop aesthetic, Ben Duinker and Denis Martin (McGill University, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology CIRMMT)

Richard Johnson Collection, University of Calgary Archives, Bonnie Woelk (University of Calgary)

Directorial Influence at the Paris Opéra: The Case of Devismes du Valgay, Annalise Smith (Cornell University)

*SOCAN Foundation/George Proctor Prize Finalist


Young Woman's Blues: Form, Syntax, and Rhetoric in the Music of the Blues Queens of the 1920s, Sundar Subramanian (Clark University)

Studies in Documents: John Roberts, the CBC and Music in Canada in the Second Half of the 20th Century, Robert Bailey & Regina Landwehr (University of Calgary)

BREAK: 11-11-30am

SESSION 9: 11.30am–12.30pm 

9a: Music and Patronage

Chair: David Gramit, University of Alberta

Room: F202

9b: Haydn

Chair: Alan Dodson, University of British Columbia 

Room: F214


9d: Digitization and Music Librarianship

Chair, Daniel Paradis

Room: Scotia Bank Milling Area, Rozsa Centre

Elites at the Edge of the World: Annie York Secord and Arts Patronage in Early Edmonton, Jamie Meyers-Riczu (University of Alberta)

Almost a Sonata: Revisiting Charles Rosen’s Analysis of Haydn’s Piano Trio in G Minor, HOB XV: 19, i, Mary Blake Bonn (University of Western Ontario)


Yorkville and Canadian Music Heritage in the Linked Data Cloud, Stacy Allison-Cassin (York University)

The Symphonic Patron: The Role of the CBC Symphony Orchestra in Twentieth Century Canadian Music, Robert Bailey (University of Calgary)

Humorous Incongruities in Haydn's Symphony No. 60, "Il distratto": Excess and Opposition, James Palmer (University of British Columbia)

Digital Music Libraries: The Challenges Ahead, Meghan Goodchild (McGill University)

LUNCH: 12.30-2pm 

CAML AGM Lunch Meeting: 


Room: Scotia Bank Milling Area, Rozsa Centre

PLENARY SESSION: 2–3pm, Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, Rozsa Centre

Allan Gordon Bell, “Going to the Well”

BREAK: 3-3.30pm


SESSION 10: 3.30–4.30pm

10a: Early Music

Chair: Neil Cockburn, University of Calgary

Room: F202

10b: Popular Music and the studio

Chair: Laurie Radford, University of Calgary

Room: F214

10c: Ethnographies

Chair: Valentina Bertolani, University of Calgary

Room: F210

10d: Correspondence & the Community

Chair, James Mason

Room: Scotia Bank Milling Area, Rozsa Centre

Making Sense of the Sequence at Pistoia, James V. Maiello (University of Manitoba)

André Perry : une philosophie, un studio, Gérald Côté (Université Laval)

Do You Even PLUR Bro? A Comparative Analysis of Underground and Mainstream Perspectives in Canadian Rave Culture, M Gillian Carrabre (University of Western Ontario)

Kathleen Parlow: A Life In Letters –The Development of a Framework for Correspondence Collections at the University of Toronto Music Library, Lelland Reed (University of Toronto)

Singing the Hours: Music and Communal Devotions in Renaissance France, Geneviève Bazinet (University of Ottawa)

From studio to the stage: Bruno Mars and the ‘simulacrum’ of the out-of-tune voice in "Locked Out of Heaven" (2012)Sophie Stévance et Serge Lacasse (Université Laval)

Strange Bedfellows: Punk, Media, and Politics of Legitimacy in a Local Music Scene, Jennifer Messelink (University of Alberta)

Hot Topics session

Moderator, Sean Luyk

Room: Scotia Bank Milling Area



Room: F202

CAML Board Meeting: 4.30-6pm

Rozsa Centre, Room 151


MINI RECITAL 3: 3.30–4.00 pm

Rea Beaumont

The Canadian Virtuoso

Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, Rozsa Centre

BANQUET: 6:00 cocktails, 6:30 dinner

Husky Oil Great Hall, Rozsa Centre


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