George Proctor Prize

The George Proctor Prize of $500 (previously the SOCAN Foundation/George Proctor Prize) is awarded annually for an outstanding paper presented in French or English, by a graduate student, at the annual conference of the Canadian University Music Society (MusCan). The prize-winning paper will demonstrate original research in any recognized branch of musical scholarship and may be presented in either official language. 

Previous Winners: (Click on the links to see the award announcements)

2019: Marie-Pier Leduc, “Musique apolitique? La critique musicale d'Émile Vuillermoz, de la première à la seconde guerre mondiale”.

2018:  Kyle Hutchinson, “Tristan, Liszt,and Till Eulenspiegel: Chromatically-Altered Diminished Seventh Chords in Late Nineteenth-Century Harmonic Syntax”.

2017: Joseph Siu, "Reexamining the Loosely-Knit Subordinate Theme in the Classical Style:  A Phrase Rhythmic Approach.”

2016: Annalise Smith,  “Directorial Influence at the Paris Opéra: The Case of Devismes du Valgay.”

2015: Margaret Elizabeth Fox, “Perceptual Synthesis in Anton Webern’s Op. 28, Sehr Fließend.”

2014:  Maria Virginia Acuña, "Expectation and Experimentation in the Zarzuela Apolo y Dafne (c.1699)" 

2013: Martin Guerpin, “Exotisme nègre ou musique de danse syncopée? Le jazz dans la musique savant française d'après-guerre”

2012: Zoey Mariniello Cochran, “Resisting Foreign Domination through Laughter: The Nationalistic Implications of Multilingualism and Musical Characterization in Pergolesi’s Lo Frate ‘nnamorato

2011: Jeremy Strachan, “Udo Kasemets, Canavangard, and the 1960s.”

2010: Kimberly White (McGill) for “Creating the Ideal Debutante: Cornélie Falcon’s 1832 Debut at the Paris Opéra”.

          Colleen Renihan (Toronto) for “’Voices from History’: Postmodern Canadian Historicism in Istvan Anhalt’s Winthrop.”

2009: Jon-Tomas Godin, "L'emploi des marqueurs formels dans les sonates de Schubert" (co-winner)

        Robert Rival, "The Comfort of Denial: Metre, Cyclic Form, and Narrative in Shostakovich's Seventh String Quartet" (co-winner)

Dr. George Proctor (1931–85) was a pioneering bibliographer of information concerning music in Canada and a scholar of Canadian music. His fields of expertise included old-time fiddle music, the scope of twentieth-century Canadian music, and trends in contemporary Canadian music. In the course of his career, he held positions in music departments in Canadian universities at both ends of the nation—McMaster, British Columbia, Western Ontario, and Mount Allison—as well as with the National Museum of Canada and the Eastman School of Music. Among his publications are Canadian Music of the Twentieth Century (Toronto: 1980) and articles for the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada and The New Grove Dictionary.     Source: EMC, 2d ed., s.v. “Proctor, George.” 

The Canadian University Music Society gratefully acknowledges the generous financial support of the SOCAN Foundation in the awarding of this prize.


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